Summary and Welcome


Hello and thanks for visiting my website.

Here you can find a record of what has ultimately been a month of hell for me and my family, arising from a string of cock-ups by the currently underfunded National Health Service (NHS).  I have decided to publish my story to educate as many people as possible about the potential perils of prescription drugs, the grim realities of hospital waiting lists, the current staffing crisis in the NHS and last but not least, the dangers of the British stiff upper lip!

Please find the blog in the following sections :

  1. Introduction: A bit about me and my family, and how things started to go awry.
  2. Downhill Fast: Normally something I like doing. This time was not so much fun :/
  3. Hospital Hell: An enlightening 3 days courtesy of the NHS.
  4. Rehab (WIP): Weaning off the drugs. Think Trainspotting. Drugs are bad m’kay!
  5. Recovery (WIP): Physical and mental recovery (ongoing).

I’ve published the first three sections as they are the most juicy, and am holding back the last two until they are complete (I’m still living the Recovery bit).. Plus I should stagger the release as I believe there is way too much material to read in one hit!

Speaking of which, if you do not want to read the whole thing – (I know you have busy lives) – at least pay attention to the two key points below. They were gleaned from what has been a scary and unpleasant (but also enlightening) experience for me:

1/ I have been witness to and victim of an NHS in crisis. It is dangerously understaffed, and overworked staff are making mistakes that will ultimately cost lives. Furthermore, waiting lists are not just numbers that are mentioned on TV – they are real and can seriously impact people’s health.

2/ Talk to people. That’s what friends are for. If I had talked to the right people instead of keeping the stress and horror to myself then perhaps this whole saga could have been avoided.

Enjoy the rollercoaster,  I’m glad this is a survival story 🙂